Importance of Al-Salah

Muslims are commanded to perform prayers five times a day. These prayers are obligatory on every Muslim who have reached the age of puberty. Exception being those who are mentally ill, too physically ill for it to be possible, menstruating, or experiencing postnatal bleeding. Those who are ill or otherwise physically unable to offer their prayers in the traditional form, are permitted to offer their prayers while sitting or lying, as they are able.

What is Al-Salah

Al-Salah is salah app for android, it helps in tracking the five prayers of each of day. It has built with many features like Notifications, Backup, Qadha and Qasr prayers and more

What if I miss salah?

Al-Salah is the best salah app for android as it helps users to track each and every prayer. If you miss a prayer, all you need to do find them in alsalah app and offer them as qhaza (at least) before its too late

App helps to find the number of prayers a person should offer based on the age.

It also tracks the number of Qadha prayers you offered on each day. With the help of this app, Qadha prayers of your life is no longer a big task to finish it

AlSalah - the best Android Salat App

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