AlFalah India congratulates all the beneficiaries who are selected as part of Educare 2015

Following are the details of beneficiaries of 2015, We wish all of them a very bright future ahead, may Allah bless us all. Ameen

Final Selection List

Name Registration Number Assistance Type Amount
Jilekha ALIFS001 Scholarship 3000
Fazeelat Khan ALIFS002 Scholarship 7000
H Adnan ALIFS003 Scholarship 5000
Syed Jilan Basha ALIFS004 Scholarship 3000
Apsana ALIFS005 Scholarship 1500
Faizan P ALIFS006 Scholarship 5000
M Mehak ALIFS007 Scholarship 1000
Allahbaksh ALIFS008 Scholarship 5000
Asif ALIFS009 Scholarship 5000
Mohammad Bilal ALIFS010 Fee Payment 10000
Mukhtiyar ALIFS011 Scholarship 1000
Sohail ALIFS012 Scholarship 5000
Afreen ALIFS013 Scholarship 4000


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