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The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: “Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 107

ALIF Coaching Center - RaichurEach and every Child’s future and personality, mainly depends on the family environment in which it grows and the type of education it gets.

The main truth of today is that, there is an acute necessity of good values being given to the children from their childhood to make them good citizens of our nation with the element of humanity, patriotism, sacrifice, selflessness, co-operation, co-ordination etc for the social and national cause.

Only those families who could afford to send their kids to paid tuition are in a position to get the good education.  But the students whose parents or guardians are not in a position to pay for tuition are struggling to get the good education. Hence, the necessity of giving free tuition has arisen mainly for the children of slum areas and down trodden localities. This will also open the doors of higher education to a group of students who meet the eligibility guidelines but who may lack the financial resources required to make their dreams.

To overcome these miserable conditions of children who are maintaining solid grades, have good attendance, do reasonably well in their studies but lack financial resources AlFalah India has launched a Free Tuition Program. The Free tuition is part of a larger campaign being launched by AlFalah India  to help poor and needy students to get good education. it’s “the kind of game-changing initiative” that will bring about massive changes in the society.

Nelson Mandela said Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

The project aims at identifying children in slums and backward areas, finding a nearby free place and assigning the teaching work to a qualified unemployed youth at a nominal salary. The project also aims to generate a sort of employment to the unemployed youth. These young teachers undertake the responsibility of imparting free tuition to the poor children and The children are even supplied with free books and materials. The young teachers are specially trained for their job through workshops conducted at regular intervals

AlFalah India has started a pilot program called “Free Coaching Program” in Raichur wherein more than 20 needy children are being imparted free tuition. Free coaching program has brought in a huge transformation and lots of hidden talents are seeing lights. This program has even brought a sea change in the behavioral pattern of the children and their parents, thereby brining in a healthy atmosphere in their locality, Each center is monitored by two volunteers to carry out ‘behind the scene’ activities without expecting any monetary benefits. It is heartening to see young stalwarts joining the project and rendering free service with the decisive aim of helping the society.

AlFalah India aims to cleanse the society and sincerely expects each and every person of the society to join hands in the scheme with bare minimum financial support and whole hearted involvement in achieving its goals. For a perennial existence of ALIF free coaching program and further opening of new centers, every citizen of the society needs to come forward with help – financial as well as non-financial.

We request each one of you to contribute a bit in this mighty project and be part of the development of the society.

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